The new consultancy on the block with big experience.


MAMMOTH is the trading name for me, Matt. I help businesses scale their revenue using social media advertising.


With over 8 years’ experience in the advertising industry I’ve been lucky enough to work with a whole range of brands from Barbie to Rolls-Royce, right through to your local independents.


Unfortunately, during that time I’ve also experienced the smoke and mirrors, politics and general jargon-fuelled bamboozling that often haunts the corridors of many agencies.


Acronyms and jargon shouldn’t be seen as an armoury to hoodwink. It’s bullshit and it needs to stop.


MAMMOTH is an outlet to do things differently.


We picked up our spade and dug out the bush so it isn’t there to beat around.


Instead we deliver big results and package them in layman’s terms.




Paid Social Campaigns

We're social first. We specialise in maximising return on investment on social media platforms.


A strong strategy is the battle plan for action that sets you apart from your competitors. It should evolve with the digital world. 

content creation

We create content that is designed to stop the thumb within a second.




"Our business has accelerated massively, allowing us to grow much quicker than we ever could have done organically."

Stephen May

Managing Director, KUMU

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